Best way to build a real estate portfolio

Posted : December 15th, 2015 by Eli Ashby

Four hints to building a successful real estate portfolio.

One: Start smallThere is definitely a learning curve that goes into the real estate investment game. If you don’t do your homework or rush into something underprepared you risk loosing your chances of making any money. You can learn how to become successful faster if you start with a small property, such as, a one-unit rental property or a small flip. After your first success with an income property you can use your earning to invest in something a little bigger and better.

Two: Look for a bargain

You will not make money if you buy a property for over market value and it’s hard to make money buying a property for current market value. Look for an investment that is devalued and put a little TLC into it to raise it to the price you know it’s worth.

Three:  Get to work

If your investment property needs any renovations, updates, or modernizing then don’t wait. Start the necessary improvements as soon as you can so you don’t end up holding the property longer than you want. Get a couple bids from contractors and go with the best deal that will complete the project in the shortest time.

Four: Rollover your profit

If you want to keep real estate in your investment portfolio then don’t sell all your assets. Rollover your profit into a bigger and better property to continue your cash flow. If you have invested in a rental property then you can always buy a second rental property as long as you have budgeted for all expenses. Keep your real estate portfolio growing.

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