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One of the most sought-after and engaging real estate investors is none other than Mr. Doug Clark. Doug teaches real estate investment seminars across the United States as well as around the globe and his students come away with the tools they need to take full control of their financial future and make the type of money they had never dreamed of before.
Doug, born and raised in Utah, never thought his career path would be teaching others the techniques he’s developed over the years; buying and selling real estate. We asked Doug why he got started in the real estate investment arena and if there was any one thing that guided him to where he is today. His response?

“As a full time airline pilot, the only thing I knew about real estate was that I got paid a tiny amount of money to fly over it! Yet one day, quite by accident but that’s another story, I ended up at a foreclosure auction and it fascinated me. I realized then and there that this was a path that could get me out of debt and set me on a path to financial security,” Doug replied.

Doug Today

And he did just that. After an extended series of successful flips, he formed Equity Capital Group and Clark Venture Capital in early 2005 and since then has acquired more than $50 million dollars in real estate assets. $50 million. Did he make mistakes along the way? Of course he did, but the students who attend his three day seminars located both here and abroad know how to avoid investment pitfalls and know how to properly identify, analyze and flip a potential property.

Doug’s prime motivation is to teach others, to help those who honestly want to be the captain of their own future and not remain in a state of financial flux all of their lives. He knows that first hand and provides a glimpse into Doug’s real estate soul.

“My parents struggled with finances when I was younger and I feel like I missed a lot of time with them. Now that I have my own kids I spend time with them every single day while most parents are still at work. I want as many kids and parents to live their lives together, not apart and not miss out on what’s really important in life because of jobs, money and bills.”

Forming Your Future

Doug knows first-hand what struggle is and how it affects people’s everyday lives, sometimes without them even knowing about it. Having the financial freedom to make your own calls and enjoy those around you fully is truly the essence of Doug’s three day event.

We asked Doug what he wanted his students to walk away with after attending his event and his response echoed what he’s experienced in his own life; “I want my students to be fully capable to control their own income stream and never have to work for another person again.”

Those that attend Doug’s seminar are immediately engaged with his vibrant, electric personality. This outgoing, sometimes boisterous character is evident not just during a live event but on the set of Spike TV’s Flip Men, one of the most watched shows on the channel.

Proven Strategies

One of the reasons Doug’s seminars are such a success is the way he teaches. His approach is easy to comprehend as well as to implement and is valuable to the novice and veteran real estate investor alike. Doug doesn’t teach based upon theory, but techniques he’s developed over the years to create massive real estate riches. There’s no need for anyone to learn how to profit from real estate on their own when they can invest their own resources to learn directly from someone who has not only “been there and done that” but is one of the most successful to ever do so. But there’s one technique that he admits most won’t ever experience…

“I went to a title company to work a deal with a gentleman that was eager to sell me his house. Quickly. We got to the closing table and I asked him what he wanted, he replied, ‘A carton of cigarettes.’ I got up from the table, ran to the store and grabbed a carton of smokes. I then asked him directly, ‘What do you want for your house?’ and he replied again, ‘Just this carton of cigarettes.’ I just bought a house that day…for a carton of cigarettes!”

That’s one technique you’ll likely never experience and Doug knows that but enjoys telling the story. But his students do come away with some of the most cutting edge strategies to make money in any market investing in real estate and Dough teaches them how.

“There will always be people selling problem houses and at the very same time there will be people who want to purchase a wonderfully cared-for home. We make the money by being in the middle and you can do that in any market at any time.”

“My personal goal for my students? I want my students to wake up every day with the goal of making $50,000 before lunch—and know in their hearts that they can.”

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