How Can I become a real estate investor?

Posted : December 15th, 2015 by Eli Ashby

If you’re playing with the idea of becoming a real estate investor, then stop thinking about it and make it happen. Follow these five easy steps on becoming a successful investor:

One: Know your market. You won’t get anywhere in real estate unless you know your market. Understand how much money properties are going for in different areas and trends that could potentially change these prices.

Two: Analyze your finances. Know how much money you have to spend and budget accordingly. Remember, real estate investing doesn’t work if you spend more money than you can make.

Three: Decide between commercial or residential investments. Residential is usually suggested for first-time investors. However, you should know the differences between them before purchasing a property. Commercial properties usually include land or buildings intended to generate a profit. A rental property consisting of roughly five or more units would also be considered a commercial property. Compared to, residential properties, more commonly known as a single-family homes or four or less rental units, which would be residential investments.

Four: Decide what type of investment is best for you. The term ‘real estate investing’ is a pretty broad term. There are several arenas and niches you need to become familiar with and understand the differences between them. You must decide whether you will sell your property for more money than you bought it for, more commonly known as, flipping. Or, if you are looking into a longer-term investment, such as, renting.

Five: Begin. After you have done all your research, obtained financing, and are confident about what type of property investment you want to make, go for it. Nothing else is stopping you from turning real estate into cash in your hand.

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