What do I look for in an investment property

Posted : December 15th, 2015 by Eli Ashby

Real estate investors are entrepreneurs who see opportunity where others don’t. They see a foreclosure in bad shape. What might make other buyers run, investors see as an opportunity. When an investor is good at what they do they look at the location, foundation, and skeleton of a potential investment. They are able to look beyond the cosmetic needs of a home. Find opportunities in the condition of the structure of the house. Foundation cracks for instance, are usually found in older homes. The amount of damage should be assessed before purchasing the property.

Other signs of trouble that could depreciate opportunity would be a sagging roof, a sloping floor, or doors and windows that don’t work properly. An investor can handle some of these issues by finding cheap labor, or learning how to sort the issues out themselves. However, the more trouble the investor spots in their potential investment property, the less opportunity they have in turning that property into an investment. To become a successful investor you need to spot the moneymaking opportunities and separate them from the hazardous. These guidelines are what separate the successful investor from the amateur.

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